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Looking for luxury kitchen designers in North West London? At Such Designs, we understand that every home deserves an affordable yet beautiful kitchen that provides comfort and style while being tailored to your specific needs. A luxury kitchen doesn’t just provide a functional space; it offers a high-end kitchen of exceptional quality that is guaranteed to enhance your everyday experience and last for years to come! Our kitchen designers have extensive experience when it comes to designing and installing luxury kitchens for a variety of settings, spaces and tastes. We believe everyone deserves a kitchen that works for them, which is why we offer competitively priced luxury kitchens from our London kitchen showroom.

A modern luxury kitchen can greatly transform the way you use your kitchen, with bespoke luxury kitchens designed by professionals offering a personalised space that facilitates use in every way: 

  • Luxury kitchens utilise higher quality materials and appliances for a particularly bespoke and pristine finish that can’t be found in standard kitchen furniture. You’ll typically find materials such as real wood and multi-coat lacquers on surfaces that add that extra touch of sophistication. 
  • The mark of a luxury kitchen is a professional designer that has the necessary experience working with high-grade materials and understands how they can work for your unique space. The wide variety offered by more high-end materials also gives your designer the flexibility to create something truly bespoke. 
  • Modern luxury kitchens often incorporate the latest design trends and technology to offer a kitchen experience that makes your everyday activities extremely efficient, from handleless pull out drawers to voice-activated appliances.  
Nobilia Light Green Matt Kitchen | Lead Wolf, Gotham
Nobilia White Gloss Kitchen Island | Lead Wolf, Gotham

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At Such Designs, we will always take the time to understand your lifestyle, habits and daily routines, knowing this is key to being able to accommodate them in a highly personalised, luxury kitchen design. With us, you’ll discover our wide range of colours and styles when you download our free luxury kitchens brochure! Our high-end brands include Nobilia for kitchen furniture, which is synonymous with beautiful bespoke finishes and enduring style, as well as Miele and Neff for state of the art appliances.

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Nobilia Wooden Island Kitchen 1 2 | Lead Wolf, Gotham