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Modern design and refreshingly high-quality products.


Perfection in form and function – this was, and still is, the Hansgrohe standard. Design at Hansgrohe is neither an end in itself nor a mere matter of sporting competition. Good design is always created in conjunction with the technological opportunities to achieve the highest levels of aesthetic and functional quality.


Take a shower with Hansgrohe’s shower heads. You will be able to feel and see the difference: the shower heads gently douse, wonderfully refresh and vigorously massage. Hansgrohe showers work using innovative features that guarantee more fun, a greater sensation of well-being and comfort in the shower.

Hansgrohe 99 | Such Designs, London
Hansgrohe 71 | Such Designs, London


Hansgrohe is one of the leading manufacturers of the highest quality products in terms of both form and function. As a result, customers all over the world derive long-term enjoyment from them. The Hansgrohe brand have set really high standards: so the company only uses high-quality materials which are suitable for use with drinking water and which have been subjected to endurance tests. Hansgrohe’s own stringent guidelines, plus regular testing by independent institutes, ensure that you will enjoy long-term satisfaction.


You will still love these timelessly beautiful products years from now. You will still enjoy using them too. After all, Hansgrohe quality is about more than just outward appearance. An excellent design outlasts short-lived fashion trends and ensures a safe return on investment.

Hansgrohe 72 | Such Designs, London
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