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Spanning a century, from the Edwardian era through to the modern day. Classic products that stand the test of time.

Lefroy Brooks

Lefroy Brooks is the manufacturer of classic British bathrooms. The manufacturing process remains just as classic as all taps are hand cast, hand forged, hand polished and hand assembled. Completely unique in the modern day.


Lefroy Brooks story spans the last century from the tap’s domestic origins in the late Victorian era through to the beginning of a new millennium.

The range begins in 1900 with the Edwardian turn of the century British range. The curvaceous French range follows. The 1930s range encompasses the Art Deco period. The glamorous 1940s range includes panels of hand applied black lacquer. In the 1950s, the west coast streamlined style, evocative of the great American automobiles. And finally, the definitive minimalist range, machined from solid stainless steel completes the century.

Lefroy Brooks Classic Black Bl 8823 Creative | Such Designs, London
Lefroy Brooks Various Classic Black Accessories Creative | Such Designs, London


These classic products still stand the test of time. They were beautifully made, beautifully practical and they remain beautiful today. With many of our clients adopting a classic look, see how many projects inspire you to create your own classic.


Lefroy Brooks range is complete from brassware to baths to even marble consoles to help add the finishing touches to your very own classic. Get lost in time with Lefroy Brooks classic and intricately, hand made range.

Lefroy Brooks Classic Black Bl 8725 Creative | Such Designs, London
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