Bathroom Heating

Bathroom Heating Options

There’s nothing worse than stepping out of a hot, steamy shower to a chill in the air and cold tiles underfoot. However, bathroom heating is something that is regularly overlooked. There are so many reasons why keeping your bathroom toasty is important, such as helping to keep damp at bay, so it’s important to take into consideration the unique nature of this room when it comes to installing your heating. Take a look at some of the different options you have below.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is the perfect addition to your luxury bathroom. Not only does it offer a welcoming warmth after your bath or shower, but they have the ability to slowly heat the room – not too dissimilar from a radiator. Although it is seen as a more extravagant purchase in your home, underfloor heating works great in both smaller rooms where there isn’t the space for a heated towel rail and larger rooms where you feel the cold more.

There are two types of underfloor heating systems on the market, a dry system which uses electrical wiring and the wet system, which uses the hot water from your central heating. The installation process for underfloor heating can be expensive depending on which route you go down, the most popular of which is the wet system. This is because many homes already have the means to do this thanks to their central heating, as the new pipes would just attach to your existing network. Alternatively, you could choose a dry system if you’re looking for a more cost-effective method in the long run – a good option if you’re building a bathroom extension.

Heated Towel Rails

A heated towel rail is one of the easiest ways to install heating in your bathroom and is a popular choice as it helps to ensure that your towel is ready to welcome you after a shower. Although you need plenty of vertical wall space for the installation, a heated towel rail does an excellent job at replacing a traditional radiator in heating the room. Many en suite bathrooms will optimise wall space with a heated towel rail as it keeps the floor clear, helping the room to appear larger. What’s more is that they can be an aesthetically pleasing choice, coming in many styles and finishes.


A radiator is the most traditional option when it comes to heating your bathroom. Incredibly practical, they can quickly heat the space quicker than many other options whilst still being able to warm towels if hung over the top. Today, bathroom radiators come in a variety of widths and heights, making it easier for you to find the ideal one for your room. Much like with lighting and its IP ratings and zones, it is important that you take these into consideration. As a result, a radiator is a more popular option in bigger bathrooms where you can safely place a radiator far away from a water source.

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