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Bathroom Extraction Options

Your bathroom is ­­the perfect breeding ground for damp and mould thanks to the warmth provided by your bathroom heating. As a result, adequate extraction is required to help remove moisture from the room and to ensure the longevity of your new bathroom. Helping to ventilate the room, an extractor can also help to keep you healthy, limiting the possibility of airborne mould causing respiratory problems. Therefore, your bathroom needs to have a way to ventilate the room, whether that is by a window you can open or an extractor of some sort.

Mechanical Ventilation

For WC’s that only house a toilet, an openable window is the perfect form of extraction. It is unlikely that you’ll WC will seem the same levels of moisture as a room with a shower or bathtub, so the main objective in a smaller bathroom with a toilet is to have some form of airflow. In other bathrooms, such as an en suite, mechanical ventilation will be required, such as an extractor fan.

An extractor fan is a fantastic way to ensure that your bathroom is properly ventilated. Reducing condensation, it allows fresh air to circulate the room, preventing your bathroom from smelling stale. There are many different types of extractor fan, but there are two standout options on the market. These are chosen thanks to the ease of installation and come in two sizes, 4 and 6 inch.

Types Of Extractor Fan

Out of the range of fans on the market, the axial and centrifugal extractor fans are the most popular. An axial fan uses a motor to circulate airflow whilst creating a pressure difference. A great choice if your fan is to be ducted through the wall or window, they use a very short duct run.

Alternatively, a centrifugal fan can be used for a bathroom that doesn’t have access to an external wall. Fans of this type are normally fixed through the ceiling and have a much longer ducting. As a result, these are noisier than an axial fan but have a more powerful extraction rate.

Which Extractor Fan Should I Use?

Taking into consideration the same IP zones that relate to your bathroom lighting, an extractor fan works best when located as close to the water source as possible, such as above the shower. This is because they can quickly suck the moisture out of the air before it has chance to penetrate your bathroom. Other bathroom fans that are frequently used at home are those that have a moisture detector. These can switch on and off whenever they detect moisture in the air, providing you with peace of mind that your bathroom is well ventilated. A similar alternative is one that runs on a timer; these simply activate when the bathroom is in use, running for a number of minutes once you leave the room. These can be paired with your light switch, providing a practical option.

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