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Bathroom Lighting Options

When renovating your bathroom, ensuring that you’ve found your ideal bathroom suite is just part of the process. In fact, the lighting that you choose can make a huge impact on the overall feel of the room whilst adding value. There is a wide variety of lighting to select from including spotlights, glass-down lights and those cleverly installed within your mirror, so finding the perfect one to suit your bathroom style is important. Take a look at some of the various options that you have below.

IP ratings and danger zones

If you’re renovating the whole bathroom, it is important that you make any lighting choices before the installation as this allows you to work out if any electrical changes need to be made. This step is imperative, as your bathroom needs to be fully waterproof with any electricity running throughout the room water-resistant; this also includes steam and moisture, as this can also cause problems.

The way in which you can ensure your bathroom is safe is by looking at hazard zones and IP ratings. These hazard zones were created by IET wiring regulations and divide the bathroom into four separate sections dependent on their distance from water sources such as taps and shower – the closer to the water source, the higher the risk posed. It is possible to still have lighting in these high danger zones, such as above a shower, but greater precaution is needed. Therefore, choosing lighting with the highest water resistance is vital.

Finding the right lighting can take some time, so researching into what lighting you’ll need for each zone can help. When finding lighting for your bathroom, take into consideration both the IP rating and the bathroom zone that it is suitable for. Corresponding IP ratings can tell you how well suited your lighting option is for the zone, so ask your electrician what to look for when renovating your bathroom.

One thing that you should take into account when choosing the right lighting for your bathroom is how much natural light floods the bathroom at the time of day when it’s typically in use. If you find that you’re frequently using the bathroom during the mornings when bright sunshine penetrates the room, it is unlikely that you’ll need a powerful light source. In instances like this, decorative wall sconces can work well as during the evenings, they provide a subtle downlight that offers warmth to the room. Alternatively, if you’re out of the house during the day, spotlights can help illuminate the space, working particularly well in larger bathrooms.

The style of the lighting that you choose is equally as important. A large chandelier would look out of place in a modern bathroom, similarly with spotlights with a traditional bathroom suite. Creating a cohesive design throughout the room is the best way to avoid style confusion whilst allowing your home to come together as a whole.

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